Tryout Fees – None.

Annual Dues for the 2022/2023 Season (August-May/June) – Annual dues are split between a deposit at the time of registration, then 5 installment payments throughout the year. Discounts are offered for payment in full at the time of registration.

Regular Season Dues- $1995 
Training Only- $1695 (NO GAMES)
Junior Academy- $1200 (2015 and younger not on a team)

Annual Dues for the 2022/2023 High School Season and player additions (November-May/June) –

Regular High School Season Dues- $1385

Regular Season Dues include the following:

– Trainings at our Indoor and Outdoor Facilities
– Fall Outdoor League (games) (Not applicable to High School Teams)
– ONE session of Indoor league (games)
– Spring Outdoor League (games)
– 1 Pinnie (player is responsible for their own pinnie, if lost- must purchase a new one
– Access to Veo taped games
– Additional use of Manta Fieldhouse when available with team
-Access to Goalkeeper Training
-Additional league game opportunities with other ages

Players on teams with birth years 2005-2015 – $200 Deposit and $359 x 5.
Players on Junior Academy Teams – $200 deposit plus $200 x 5. 
Training Only Players- $200 Deposit and $299 x 5.
Installment payments are made automatically July 29, September 2, November 18, January 27, and March 17. 
High School Dues Installment payments made automatically November 18, January 27, March 17 and April 18.

The following will be an additional cost if you choose to participate and will be invoiced through our app (Team Snap):

– Tournaments.  Tourneys are not mandatory.  You only pay in the tournaments that you commit to play in.  Once rosters are received from the coach, we divide up the cost between all players. These costs range depending upon the number of players and costs of an event (typically approximately $75-200 per event). Once invoices are sent, there will be no refunds/cancellations unless an emergency arises.
– Futsol/Additional session of Indoor.  If your coach decides to do another session of indoor or futsol, this would be extra
– Individual Training with coaches (to be paid to the coaches
– Shooting Clinics through the club
– Individual Fieldhouse time


Uniform costs are consistent for all teams, with the exception of Junior Academy. Uniforms are purchased directly through a team link through Soccer Post in Medina, OH that will be available shortly. 

Discounts Available 

Annual Dues payment in full at registration – $100.
Multi Child Discount on Annual Dues registering in the fall- 2nd child playing in club – $300; 3rd child playing in club – $500; 4th Child or more playing in club – free. Adjusted sibling discounts will be made if joining after the fall.
Prorated discounts available if joining mid season.  

**Financial aid is available as needed. Manta believes that no child should miss out due to financial issues that are not in their control. Please contact Tony Catanzarite to discuss individual needs.Thank you for registering for Manta’s upcoming tryouts.  Below is some information.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!