Tryout Fees – None.

Annual Dues for the 2021/2022 Season – Annual dues are split between a deposit at the time of registration, then 5 installment payments throughout the year. Discounts are offered for payment in full at the time of registration. Annual dues cover year round soccer training, indoor and outdoor fields, and access to additional small group, foot skills, as well as weight and speed and agility training. Players on teams with birth years 2007-2013 – $200 Deposit and $297 x 5. Players on Junior Academy Teams – $200 deposit plus $200 x 5. Installment payments are made automatically July 30, September 3, November 19, January 28, and March 18. 

Uniforms, Leagues and Tournaments

Uniform costs are consistent for all teams, with the exception of Junior Academy. Uniforms are purchased directly through a team link with soccer.com that will be available shortly.  Costs per player for certain higher level league seasons – approximately $200. Tournaments, including State Cup will be individually priced depending upon the specific tournament and will typically range $100 – 200.

Discounts Available 

Annual Dues payment in full at registration – $100. Multi Child Discount on Annual Dues- 2nd child playing in club – $300; 3rd child playing in club – $500; 4th Child or more playing in club – free. Prorated discounts available if joining mid season.  

**Financial aid is available as needed. Manta believes that no child should miss out due to financial issues that are not in their control. Please contact Tony Catanzarite to discuss individual needs.